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Hot Spring Facility

We offer natural herbal baths, carbonated springs, and cold baths.

Natural medicinal herbal bath is a full-fledged medicinal bath made from herbal medicines and hot spring minerals.​

The main ingredients are highly effective medicines that have been used as medicines for women's diseases.

``Senkyu'' A quasi-drug containing ``4 types of mineral salts'' that are considered to be ingredients in hot springs such as Bijin-yu.

[15 efficacy/effects]

❏ Recovery from fatigue ❏ Sensitivity to cold ❏ Prenatal and postnatal care ❏ Lower back pain ❏ Neuralgia ❏ Rash ❏ Heat rash ❏ Stiff shoulders ❏ Rheumatism ❏ Rough skin ❏ Increased metabolism ❏ Bruises ❏ Muscle fatigue


Carbonated springs generate carbon dioxide gas, which causes microbubbles that adhere to the body, penetrate into the body, and have the effect of dilating blood vessels. Not only does it help constipation, diuresis, relieve swelling, recover from muscle fatigue, sensitivity to cold, and stiff shoulders. It can be expected to be effective in preventing and improving arteriosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, blood clots, and myocardial infarction.


The water bath is characterized by its depth. By keeping the water depth at 80cm and the water temperature at 16 degrees, we were particular about keeping the body in good shape without putting stress on the heart.

​Women's Onsen

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The overall design is white and blue.

Men's Onsen

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The overall design is chic.


Steam sauna

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Dry sauna

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[Inside the bathroom]

●Body towel
[Women] Facial cleanser
[Men] Shaving foam, shaver

●Powder corner
Facial cleanser (combined as makeup remover)
Body water, hair ties, etc.
After shave lotion
Hair tonic etc.



ICHIRIN WELLNESS is a facility focused on health and beauty.
In recent years, I think both men and women are becoming more health conscious.

Among them, ``warming the body'' is said to be very good for recovering from mental and physical fatigue, brain fatigue, and weakened immunity.

Furthermore, it can also be expected to prevent ``Mibyo'' caused by ``coldness.''

Living in Thailand is an environment where being under air conditioning can easily affect your body.

We have prepared a variety of content so that you can find a way to stay warm that suits you in your daily life.

So that it can be a reset space in your busy daily life...
We started this program with the hope that people would incorporate warm activities into their own lives.

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