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Serious Slimming Intensive Course (max. 8 sessions)

This course is recommended for those who want to lose weight intensively and perform regular maintenance.

60 min: 16,000THB (1 month), 40,000THB (3 months)
90 min: 20,000THB (1 month), 50,000THB (3 months)
120 min: 24,000THB (1 month), 60,000THB (3 months)

60 min: 16,000THB (1か月集中)・40,000THB (3か月集中)

90 min: 20,000THB (1か月集中)・50,000THB (3か月集中)

120 min: 24,000THB (1か月集中)・60,000THB (3か月集中)


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Like a single flower, even alone, a person who is pretty and full of presence and brilliance...

I named it [ICHIRIN] with the desire to create a place where people who want to be beautiful can gather.


In order to serve a large number of customers, our salon offers hospitality that both gentlemen and ladies can experience comfort and relaxation. Yoshika, the Japanese owner, has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years, and has always put the customer first, and has been developing high-quality services and technology. Based on that experience, the Japanese owner has been involved in the development of the technology and the latest beauty items to help you maintain and improve your facial health and beauty.

Starting with power remedies from Bangkok, the latest slim machines and cosmetics made in Japan, safe and high-quality machines, technologies and products are used to care for beauty and health from the inside out, resulting in beautiful skin and slimming effects. We will support easy body building.

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