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For those who want to cleanse pores and achieve a lift-up effect, a must-see!

2/5 (Monday) First Release New Menu

Pore Cleansing & Lift-Up Course 🎉

※ Limited to Branch 31

Thoroughly investigate the cause of pore troubles‼️

【Pore & Lift-Up Course】

60 minutes Regular 3,000 THB

→→ ✨1,500 THB✨✨

"Do you have any of these concerns?"

▪️ Worried about blackheads in pores ▪️ Concerned about whiteheads in pores ▪️ Concerned about roughness on the nose ▪️ Concerned about pores other than the nose ▪️ Recently concerned about sagging ▪️ Don't know your skin type ▪️ Worried about PM2.5 and air pollution, etc.

If any of these apply to you, please give it a try 😊

Regular maintenance is recommended for pore improvement‼️

We also have cost-effective coupon tickets for regular esthetic treatments ❤️

Please give it a try ❤️❤️

The second installment is a 90-minute course You can enjoy a HydraFacial 😊

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