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Lava Yoga


lava yoga

Yoga performed on the stones of a lava bath.

The temperature inside the studio is kept around 38 degrees and the humidity is 60%.

By performing in a bedrock bath that has a high far-infrared ray effect, it promotes sweating and warms the body.

It's perfect for increasing your metabolism, improving your sensitivity to cold and beautifying your skin.

Adding yoga movements to it also has a great effect on raising your body temperature, warming you from the inside and improving your yoga poses and range of motion.

If you do it continuously, you can expect a diet effect.


Every Thursday 10:30-11:30

Every Saturday 16:00-17:00

[Reservation required]
Course A Participation fee: 1000THB
*Admission fee (hot spring/rock bath) 750THB + 250THB

B course Participation fee: 650THB
*Admission fee (only available for hot springs)

Both men and women can participate.

Please bring only yoga wear.

Depending on the day of the week, we offer programs such as ``pelvic adjustment yoga'' and ``hip yoga.''

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ICHIRIN WELLNESS is a facility focused on health and beauty.
In recent years, I think both men and women are becoming more health conscious.

Among them, ``warming the body'' is said to be very good for recovering from mental and physical fatigue, brain fatigue, and weakened immunity.

Furthermore, it can also be expected to prevent ``Mibyo'' caused by ``coldness.''

Living in Thailand is an environment where being under air conditioning can easily affect your body.

We have prepared a variety of content so that you can find a way to stay warm that suits you in your daily life.

So that it can be a reset space in your busy daily life...
We started this program with the hope that people would incorporate warm activities into their own lives.

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