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Ichirin original brand

▪️For you~
▪️The one and only product for you
▪️From ICHIRIN to Dear Customers


Product introduction

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Product name



200ml: 1250B

Selling Point 


ICHIRIN's original cosmetics [DEAR'S]

The long-awaited first product

Everyday beauty care at home" is the concept of this new product.

Self-care slimming support!

The 3-step texture supports size reduction by "flowing," "relaxing," and "beautifying the skin" all at once.

《Recommended for such people》

▪️Worried about cold and swollen feet
▪️Want to reduce size
▪️want to tighten up
▪️worried about cellulite
▪️want to clean up body line
▪️want to improve moisture retention

We will solve your body problems!

《How to Use》

The best time to use the cream is after taking a bath at night.
Applying it before exercise will also serve to enhance fat burning.

①Apply the slimming cream to the areas of the body that concern you.
②Massage along the lymph flow in the direction of the arrow in the picture.
③When the lymph is completely drained, press the lymphatic area (the tip of the arrow) a little harder (to the point where it feels painful) with your finger for 3-5 seconds to finish the massage.

For areas with visible cellulite, it is more effective to massage a little harder (as hard as it feels). (It should feel good.) At the end of each step, be sure to drain the lymphatic system.

By continuing the massage, the shape memory will also gradually improve 😊.



Product name

ENZYME (250ml)



1bottle: 160B, 5 bottles: 780B, 10 bottles:1500B


Selling Point   

□Enzyme drink made from Thai fruits fermented for 4 years

□No sugar required, just the sweetness of the fruit.

□Focusing on the intestinal environment, it can supplement enzymes in the body.

□Sourced from medical institutions and health centers in Thailand.

□Four different flavors for a wide variety of drinking styles.

□Easy to take in every day.

《How to Use》

❏1 day 30-50ML of undiluted solution with 150-. 200ml of water

or soda water, soy milk, etc. and drink it.

As a rough guide, 1 bottle (250ml) can make 5-6 cups.

It is also effective when taken undiluted.

《Effective way to drink for those on a diet, constipation or swelling》

❏ For intensive dieting, please drink 2 bottles per day.

Take it in the morning or at night as a fasting drink.

Drink with soda before meals and then eat.



After opening, store in a refrigerator and finish within one week.

Do not store in high temperature and humidity.

If the product does not suit your body, please stop using it.


Product name

Carbohydrate cut lunch (frozen delivery)


5 meals: 1000B, 10 meals: 1800B, 15 meals: 2250B


Selling Point 


□Sugar-cut lunch box set

This is a sugar-cut lunch box set for those who are careful about their diet, body make-up, and health management.

□Since it is a frozen food, it can be easily eaten in a microwave oven.

《Recommended for the following people》

・People who are trying to lose weight

・This meal set is recommended for those on a carbohydrate restriction diet who want to lose 2~3 kg based on a ketogenic diet.

・Those who are prone to swelling.

​・Those who want to reset their eating habits because they are disordered.

《How to make. 1.Easy version》

①Heat in a microwave oven for 2~4 minutes.

②Drain the water from rice or noodles (about 1 minute)

③Place on a plate and serve (with egg or soup, if desired)

《How to make. 2》

①Defrost in microwave

②Fry in a frying pan

It is delicious when mixed together with ingredients such as noodles

Add eggs and vegetables to taste.

*Frying until the water is gone will add umami.


Product name

Herbal pillow


1pc: 1250B


Selling Point   

❏Easy-to-use and effective herb pillow that can be used daily for "warming up" to eliminate body problems caused by cold

❏6 kinds of organic herbs and far-infrared radiation warming pillow

❏Organic herb blend for muscle fatigue relief and relaxation of the brain

❏Far infrared rays and negative ions for stress relief and detoxification

❏Effectively relieves fatigue caused by blue light in modern society

《Recommended for the following people》

・Shoulder stiffness and pain due to muscle fatigue


・Menstrual pain or during menstruation

・Eye strain caused by PCs, smartphones, etc.

・Relief of muscle pain after strenuous exercise, etc.

・For friends and family members

《How to Use》

Warm in a microwave oven for 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

*If you are concerned about the smell, wrap it in plastic wrap and warm it up.



Product name

Small face lift cream



Selling Point  


❏Contouring cream for beautiful facial lines

❏Increases daily firmness and prevents sagging in just 2 minutes

❏Created exclusively for professionals to combat sagging that accelerates with age

《How to Use》

Use at the end of your skincare routine, such as toner.

Take 2 to 3 pearl-sized grains and massage into hands.


Product name

Bust up cream ( 30g )


1pc: 160B, 3pcs: 460B

Selling Point  


Special breast cream created by a beauty clinic in Thailand as an exclusive product.

It brings tension and elasticity to the breasts and creates a beautiful bust line.

Recommended for daily breast care.


《How to Use》

After taking a bath, take 2 to 3 pearl sized amount of the cream and massage it around the bust.


Product name



1 box: 3,600B
1 trial: 400B


Selling Point   

Carbon dioxide gas pack
Beautiful skin in 15 minutes!

A new type of gel x gel carbonic acid essence pack supports the regeneration of beautiful skin. It leads to clear, moist and beautiful skin.

Patented manufacturing method (Patent No. 5039243) for fast, long-lasting, and effective application.
The "natural gel net structure" prevents the release of carbon dioxide gas into the air and seals it in the gel, so that highly concentrated carbon dioxide gas fizzes instantly and lasts for a long time.

Complex formula" that leads to more beautiful skin
Luxurious combination of ingredients for beautiful skin. The synergistic effect of carbon dioxide gas and the complex formulation makes for more efficient skin beautification and anti-aging care.

Contains proteoglycan, ceramide, EGF, and 9 types of plant extracts


Product name



150ml : 390B

Selling Point   

Body scrub made with Thai rice.

Fortified with vitamins A and E and oryzanol to help protect skin from premature aging. 
Makes skin healthy and suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin.

 Directions: Massage the body scrub and rinse with clean water. Skin will be left soft and smooth and can be used as often as needed.

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