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Feburary 2024 Promotion Information

🔥🔥 February Promotion🔥🔥

Maximize Fat Burning & Lift Up Support‼️

① Rejuvenate and Firm Up Lift Up Facial 90min
※ The video covers the content of Branch 31.

《Recommended for the Following》 Double chin, wrinkles, sagging, enlarged pores due to sagging, dark circles, etc...
When your skin is in its best condition, your mood also lifts 

Regular Price: 4,000B per session → 2,500B 
3 Sessions: 10,500B → 7,500B
(Stay at the trial price! Great deal!)

② Serious Size Reduction Intensive Course Revived Unlimited Visits‼️

Break down and burn fat at the level of fat cells, Boost metabolism and break down cellulite that is hard to lose with exercise, targeting specific areas for slimming 

《For Those Who》 Have flabby arms, protruding belly, thick thighs, back fat, sagging hips, difficulty losing weight, etc...
Trial: 90min for 2,000B 

Unlimited visits for 1 month
0min Regularly 18,000B → 13,500B 
90min Regularly 24,000B → 18,000B 

Take advantage of this opportunity and give it a try! 

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